The US Library of Congress vs Online Depositing

Today I want to talk about different types of copyright protection. Of course first of all I mean the Library of Congress in Washington, USA – the research library that officially serves the United States Congress.

The U.S. Copyright Office is the place, where anyone, who creates something new, can register a copyright. It is considered to be the best way to protect intellectual property.

Well, after going through the standard registration on the website (yes, it could be done online now) you need to fill in special application and upload your creation. By the way, The U.S. Copyright Office saves two copies of everything, just in case. All these procedures will cost you $55 (duty tax). And… be ready to wait. The process of reviewing your application lasts from two to twelve months. At the end you will get the certificate.  Copyright registration in Library of Congress is suitable for anyone in the world.

This way of intellectual property protection remains the most popular. I mean – it was. Today, with new technologies, there are new ways of doing it, which still have the same legal power. Let’s compare.

There are various self-service platforms where you can deposit your creations. Consider an example on UDIAR – one of many platforms that provide such services.

The main difference is that you don`t need to wait for consideration of the application for months – it only takes five minutes. All the manual procedures in the U.S. Copyright Office, are automated and are completedwith a time stamp at self-service platform. In the end you will also get an electronic certificate.

The price for an online registered copyright is around ten dollars, depending on the platform.

A self-service platform offers you a quick, economic and effective way to protect the authorship of your creations based on the Berne Convention.That is why today more and more people prefer quick online copyright registration over the traditional way.

If you have any questions about copyright protection process, you can contact our support team on udiar.net. We’ll be glad to clear all your doubts.

Photo: mirinteresen.ru

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