Get the profits of your copyrights!

Hey, creator! Are you an active seller of your inventions or ideas, or do you still not know what to do with them?

It may seem to be hard to sell an intellectual property, but trust me: it isn’t.

If you want to sell something, you need to show your professionalism. You need your potential buyer to be able to trust you.

Even if you have a wonderful picture, poem or song, just sending it by email is not enough.

The idea has great value, you can’t just share it using Google Drive.

The most famous companies cut off the purchases in a presentable box to show their respect.

And the more well-known the company is, the more expensive packaging it uses.

So you should also be respectful to your future buyer and sell your ideas in the best legal “packaging”.

It is easier than it seems and it takes less then 10 minutes. You just need to upload your work to a self-service platform and get a legal copyright certificate.

That’s it!

Now the procedure of selling your intellectual property is perfect and legal.

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