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Additions to the list of works that have passed into the public domain. Rafael Sabatini

It is widely known that works of literature, as well as other forms of art, are protected all over the world by copyright and related rights law. According to this law a work enters the public domain 70 years after the death of its creator, provided that it was published during the author’s lifetime.

Transfer to the public domain means that the published work of the author can now be freely used by anyone without anyone’s consent or permission, and without payment of royalties.

Such a work can be freely published, illustrated, dramatized and adapted without requesting permission from the heirs or other former copyright holders.

Since 2021 all the works of Rafael Sabatini published during his lifetime have passed into the public domain.

The main works of R. Sabatini that brought him worldwide fame are “Scaramouche”, which became a world bestseller, and “The Odyssey of Captain Blood”, which has been filmed.

Sabatini’s novels are characterized by a deep immersion in the historical setting of the epoch they describe. His imagination was particularly captivated by the theme of the sea, the adventures of free corsairs, which is present in many of his works. This fusion of historical depth and adventure storyline make Sabatini’s works real literary masterpieces, the impression of which remains for life, like the aftertaste of good old wine. And the heroes of his works become true friends to the reader.

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