Copyright office UDIAR – Self-Service Platform For IP management

Copyright loss is a major concern for creators in the digital world. Intellectual property is one of the fastest growing and capital intensive markets with an annual growth rate of 12-14% and a total value of over $500 billion. We store an electronic hash of your work and can always confirm when the work was published and by which author.

Register an author's certificate in less than 12 minutes for only 10 euros.

Now you can place your project on our marketplace and start earning today. You also have the opportunity to get personal advice from an expert on the intellectual property of creative works (from 200 euros, depending on the request).
Have you experienced:
  • suspicious similarity of images
  • familiar motives
  • text rewriting
  • your works use online publications without your knowledge
  • the label demands an obscene percentage of the income from your songs
Register on our service
Fund your account balance
Upload and describe the work, indicating all authors and copyright holders (their consent)
We create a hash and timestamp
You receive a certificate in the mail
Trusted by clients in more than 85 countries
When you issue a copyright certificate on our platform, you will receive:
  • the fastest registration of copyright for your work - the whole procedure will take 12 minutes
  • the ability to independently enter into transactions for the sale of their works or to grant licenses associated with rights to use
  • copyright, which is protected by timestamps and distributed blockchain systems - that is, you yourself assign the exact date and time to the electronic document containing your work
  • ensuring that no one can change the data after it is written and confirmed with a timestamp
  • a document that has legal force and will be recognized by any judicial authorities
  • the opportunity to monetize the results of their intellectual activity using our marketplace
  • the shortest way to get an author's certificate - without paperwork and different authorities (it will take you 12 minutes)
  • the most affordable way to obtain IP rights - the procedure costs 10 euros (price on the market from 25 euros + the cost of your time)
  • the document is legally binding and includes all information about authorship and the date it was received - you will be able to defend your copyright interests in court