Safe copyright protection and easy monetization
for whom is suitable
All people who want to protect their creations against plagiarism or illegal use
Everyone who wants to distribution and monetize own works by licensing and alienation of rights
Who wants to buy the rights of interesting works
Our solution
Our Self-Service Platform allows users to protect their creations by timestamping and distributed blockchain for a few minutes.
At the same time, there is an ability for users to monetize results of their intellectual activities on our marketplace.
Making extra income by participating in the Affiliate program, attracting new active users.
Depositing any kind of work on any devices
You can add any kind of work under the Bern Convention:
Literary works and Scripts
Science and Research
Cinema and Clips
Pictures and Photos
Software and Computer Games
Architecture and Interior Design
Computer Graphics and Web Design
Price € 10 VAT excluded | one-off payment single work registration up to 100 MB file size Get started
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