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Got an idea? Need copyright!

UDIAR is an online copyright office for protection of any kind of intellectual property: literature, music, photos, pictures, software and other creative works. It only takes a few minutes to upload a file and fill in the description part, the result is protection and certificate of copyright!

Every original idea or creative work can make you rich! Just sell on UDIAR MARKETPLACE.

Copyright for who?

UDIAR – the best service for authors and copyright holders.


People who want to protect their creations against plagiarism.

Copyright holders

People who want to monetize their works by licensing and alienation of rights.


People who want to buy copyrights or license to use work.

Protect any kind of original work

Why to defend the work?

Go public, make yourself known

Copyright protection enhances the value of a work and takes the note of others to the fact that you are the author.

Get a raise

Any of your original work can be a source of your profit on the UDIAR marketplace.

Unprecedented Protection

By protecting your original work, you set a public record date for your copyright claim.

Keep calm, be sure

Registered copyright will help prove ownership of the original work and is necessary if you want to sue for copyright infringement.

Our solution

The protection is instant and is implemented by means of a legally recognized timestamp.

Authorship confirmation generated with UDIAR is valid in all countries that signed the Berne Convention.

You can make extra income by participating in the affiliate program, sharing the link with new users.

Four steps to a copyright and to get paid

Account creation
Register in the system
Provide your name and email, verify your account. Let's start!
Account creation
Work uploading
Fill in the data
Fill in the short description of your work and upload file with your creation.
Work uploading
Work protection
Get proofs
Your work will be deposited and signed by timestamp and blockchain services. You will receive protection of your copyrights.
Work protection
Monetizing (optional)
Distribution on the IP market
You can distribute your work by one of the following methods:
- Creative Commons
- Licensing
- Alienation
Monetizing (optional)



for registration
VAT excluded
  • E-certificate
  • Timestamp proof
  • Up to 100Mb file size
  • Ability to monetize
per work

You can make extra income by participating in the affiliate program, sharing the link with new users and helping them copyright protect.