Who will be the first to profit from your idea?

How often do you notice your ideas put into practice by someone else? Not because they’d stolen your idea, but they knew what to do.

It’s well-known that many people come up with similar ideas. This concept is called multiple discovery (also known as simultaneous invention). But only the first person to get a copyright reaps all the benefits.

Do you know the phrase “ignorance of law excuses no one”? My guess — probably, yes. To avoid going to jail “by mistake” we learn what we can about the law. So why don`t you study all ways to make money on your creations and protect your intellectual property? I think it is not fair if a person creates something, but someone else gets all the glory and benefits.

Let me name a few examples.

The first one — Pampers. It was created in 1951 by Marion Donovan but it was known as “the waterproof disposable diaper”. 10 years later «Prоcter & Gamble» released the first batch of “Pampers” using Marion’s invention.

Today’s market for disposable diapers is estimated, according to various sources, at $4.5-10 billion. Every baby wears it.

Tea bag was created accidentally. In 1904 a tea dealer Thomas Sullivan
sent out samples in small silk bags. People who received those samples decided to try the product as it was — in a bag. Later a different man registered this idea. His name was Thomas Lipton.

If you’d known bitcoin’s price would increase 500 times, wouldn`t you have bought some?

Same with your ideas. You should know: they have great potential. All your creations, pictures, photos, IT, Music need to be protected by copyright. And the price for registration is quite low in comparison with the potential profit.

Many people come up with same ideas. But only the first person to get a copyright reaps all the benefits. Do you want to be “the one”?

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