About us

The UDIAR (Unified Depository of Intellectual Activity Results) was founded as a copyright office in March of 2019 with a mission to solve the issues relevant to the intellectual property market regarding both individuals and companies. We’ve created a platform which aims to ensure protection for any kind of intellectual property asset.

According to rough estimates, due to various restrictions, up to 90% of intellectual activity results are unregistered and don’t enter the IP market. However, this is one of the fastest growing and capital-intensive markets with an annual growth of 12-14% and a total value of more than $500 billion. Our main goal is to make IP protection easy and accessible to everyone.

What do we suggest?

Our platform allows users to protect their copyrighted work by using timestamps and distributed blockchain systems. It means that you can assign a precise date and time to the electronic document containing your work. Timestamping service is protected using a digital signature, meaning that no one is able to change the data once it has been recorded and confirmed using the timestamp. The timestamp confirms the legal force of an electronic document and is recognized by all judicial faculties. We use a timestamping service that is compliant with eIDAS regulations and one that is included in the European Trusted List.


With a UDIAR certificate, you get legal confirmation of your copyrights. The certification records the exact time that the image (hash) of the deposited object was created. You can use this document in court and in any copyright disputes. Copyright confirmation generated through UDIAR is valid in all countries that have signed the Berne Convention.

At the same time, there is an ability for users to monetize the results of their intellectual activities using our marketplace. The rights-holder can license or alienate rights on the deposited works to make a profit. Work can be distributed via the following methods: Creative Commons, Licensing, Alienation. The price and duration of the license are set out by the rights-holder.

Copyrights appears as soon as the work has been created. Authorship confirmation will help you to assert your rights and protect yourself against plagiarism.


Address: Vasili Michailidi 9, 3026, Limassol, Cyprus

Phone: +35725123235

Mail: support@udiar.net