Important Info For Designers

Perhaps right now is a moment, when you`ve decided to make a profit from your work of design or architecture. This is a great decision, because the creators, who are able to develop original content, are increasingly valued. But nowadays they are in a big deficiency.
For start selling your intellectual propriety, you only need to register the copyright.

I can give you a well-known example: A creator of famous Mike Tyson’s tattoo sued Warner Brothers. According the scenario the one of a hero of new film “Hangover -2” make a tattoo similar to the boxer’s. But a clever tattoo artist Victor Whitmill had registered a copyright as soon as he made it, and Warner Brothers had to ask for using the design. As a result mr. Whitmill and a film company come to an agreement, but the film release was delayed.

And now the best news:
What if you found out that you need just 5 minutes to register the copyright? You can do this using self-service platform without getting up off the sofa.
Sounds good, right?

We can offer you a quick, economic and effective way to protect the authorships of your creations based on the Berne Convention.
As a copyright holder you will have two benefits: financial reward for using your intellectual property, and protection of your interests during all your life plus 70 years.
You can sell the exclusive or non-exclusive rights for using your creation, or make good money with the alienation of an intellectual property`s copyright.

Let`s try?

Picture: https://copyrightalliance.org

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