Intellectual property rights

Every business owns some intellectual property: trademark, patent or something protected by copyright. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property refers to creations of

Cariou vs. Prince

One of the most significant art copyright cases is Cariou vs. Prince. In 2000 French photographer Patrick Cariou published «Yes Rasta», a book of portraits

Copyright and video games

You automatically own the copyright to any original work, including a video game, as soon as it’s published in a fixed, tangible form. But it

Monetization of your works

Let’s talk about one of the main advantages of using UDIAR service. In addition to the ability to protect copyrights, we give you the opportunity

“It belongs to all people”

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President “. More than half a century has passed since the charming Marilyn Monroe sang happy birthday to American President John F. Kennedy.

International copyright protection

Initially, copyright was recognized only in certain countries, and in this regard, the territory of its operation was limited. Today in every country copyright is