Monetization of your works

Let’s talk about one of the main advantages of using UDIAR service. In addition to the ability to protect copyrights, we give you the opportunity to make money on your works. You don’t even have to go anywhere, you can do it on our marketplace. 

Immediately after registering on the website and depositing your work, you will be able to place your work on the marketplace and choose one of the distribution methods: Creative Commons, licensing or alienation. 

By choosing Creative Commons license you make your work available to the public. Commercial license (exclusive or non-exclusive) allows any interested party to use a copyright object on certain terms and conditions. You, as the rightholder, set your conditions, price and validity period. So, you permit the licensee to use your creation in return for a money compensation. You can also alienate, in other words, transfer all rights to your property to another person. So, you make profit from it as well. You can also purchase works of other users, which you find in the catalog in the market section. 

Putting your work on the marketplace is the best way to monetize it easy and fast. Our service provides full support of the transaction. The procedure for buying and selling works is very simple, but if necessary, we can help you at every step and answer any questions about signing the agreement, making payment, etc. 

We tried to make our service accessible and understandable even when it comes to licensing and alienation of rights. We think that if you have the opportunity to profit from your work, you need to use it, right?

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