Copyright and Social Media

Social media has become part of our lives. It is already impossible to imagine the modern Internet without social media. We communicate with friends, share photos, find out news, and all this through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Along with the global introduction of social media in our lives, we face violations.

Copyright infringement is the most common phenomenon faced by any social network. The functionality of modern social networks is so wide that it allows you to share almost any results of intellectual activity. The social network site does not own the work that was posted on their site; copyright is still retained by the owner. But, agreeing to publish the work on the site, you sign an agreement that gives the site a license to use the work. These licensing terms are necessary to allow social media to function in the way it’s meant to.

For example, the Facebook terms state that you own «all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings».

Using Pinterest you give permission to use your content on its site. The site also has a link where you can file a complaint against a person who, in your opinion, has violated your copyrights.

So, you need to carefully study the rules of the network which you are starting to use. It is important to remember that all social media platforms have different rules. By sharing your files on social media, be aware that your property might get appropriated by someone else. You must be vigilant to track potential violations. If your copyright is infringed, you should contact the administration of the social network. Well, if this does not work, then you can go to court. However, do not forget to stock up on good evidence. Register your copyright before posting something on social media. Our UDIAR service can help you with that. You can deposit any kind of works and get an official copyright certificate.

And remember, you can not just take content of social media and use it. Even tweets and posts are protected by copyright. Be smart about how and what you post online.

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