Intellectual Property for designers

Are you a cool designer, who makes incredible creations? This information is for you!

Perhaps right now is the moment, when you`ll decide to make profit out of your efforts in design or architecture. This is a great decision, because the creators, who are able to develop original content, are now valued more and more and are in great demand.

To start selling your intellectual propriety, you need to simply register the copyright.

I can give you a very well-known example: According to German law, photos of food taken in restaurants can be illegal, as the copyright lies with the chef. Law says: «For carefully-arranged food in a famous restaurant, the cook is regarded as the creator of a work. Before it can be made public on Facebook & Co., permission must first be asked of the master chef».

And here is the best news:

What if I tell you that it only takes 5 minutes of your time to register a copyright. You can do it using self-service platform while sitting on your couch.

Sounds good, right?

We can offer you a quick, economic and effective way to protect the authorships of your creations based on the Berne Convention.

By becoming a copyright holder you will get two benefits: financial reward for using your intellectual property, and protection of your interests during all your life plus 70 years.

You can sell the exclusive or non-exclusive rights for using your creation,
or make good money with the alienation of an intellectual property`s copyright.

Let`s go ahead and try!

What rights does a copyright give you:

– To be able to monetize your design talents

– To protect authorship in case of legal disputes (plagiarism or any other unauthorized use of your intellectual work)

– For compensation in case of copyright infringement


How it works:

Registering a copyright is done by the means of the time stamp procedure. It assigns certainty of date and time of a project’s coming into existence. This process is called depositing. After depositing the results of intellectual property, you will receive an online certificate that contains your project providing a proof of evidence of your authorship.


How to monetize a design project:

– Sell exclusive or non exclusive use rights on your design

– Sell copyright holder of a design project with complete alienation. In this case you lose all rights to the invention, but authorship is retained.


What design projects must be protected:

– Fine art

– Design projects

– Web design

– Maps / drawings / graphics

– Modeling / sculpture


If you postpone the protection of your intellectual property, you need to be prepared for:

– Your project may be stolen by someone, who will register copyright on it first

– Your project can be modified and then copyrighted by someone else 

– You will not be able to make any profit out of a project

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