Work type: Science and research

UDIAR allows scientists and researchers to create an evidence of priority in time for their works. You will have a lot more advantages if you’ve officially filed your copyright registration. Authorship confirmation will help you to assert your rights and protect against plagiarism.

Copyright protects the expression of ideas, but doesn’t protect the ideas themselves. Therefore, you can protect results of your research in the form of presentations, paper materials, articles, archives, draft thereof,  tables, dissertations, conference papers, reports, records or in other tangible forms. 

The owner of the copyright has the exclusive right to make, sell and distribute copies, to publicly perform and to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work.

Uploading the work on UDIAR does not make it public. You can regulate access to your work: keep it private or share with others. You do not have to publish the work in order to copyright protect it. 

By depositing your work on UDIAR you keep all the rights on it. Copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus seventy years after the author’s death.

With UDIAR you get the proof of authorship, can sell or acquire work rights. Every UDIAR user has an opportunity to monetize protected works in the internal marketplace by providing licenses for use and distribution. You can provide free access to your works by Creative Commons license or sign commercial license and permit the licensee to use intellectual property in return for compensation. The rightholder sets terms and conditions for acquiring a license, including price and the period of validity. You can also alienate rights – transfer all rights to your work to another person. 

It is possible to acquire work rights. All works that can be purchased are presented in the market section of the site.