Work type: Music

Do you dream of a career in music? Do you compose music, lyrics or maybe you’re a singer? Then you should remember about one of the most crucial aspects – copyright registration.

Your songs and recordings is your intellectual property. Registering copyright gives you protection, proof of ownership and a chance to get a source of income. If you want to perform at concerts and festivals, play DJ sets in clubs, you need a proof of your authorship. Moreover, it will help to avoid other people’s claims and protect your work from plagiarism.

How does this help make money? The concept of copyright permits you to sell your music, give others permission to use your music or restrict others from exploiting your intellectual property without your permission. You can earn money in different ways: streaming royalties, appearances of the record in a movie or in a video game, performances on radio or at a concert, selling physical formats such as vinyl and CDs.

Where you should start? Copyright does not protect ideas. So, you need to place your creation on some kind of material medium in audio form or in the form of notes. Go to UDIAR main page, create an account, fill out the required information and upload your work. You will get an official certificate with legal confirmation of copyright, which is valid in all countries that signed the Berne Convention.​ The legal regulation of copyright in music is carried out in accordance with international conventions and agreements. It’s simply the best proof of ownership available.

Every UDIAR user also has an opportunity to monetize protected works in the internal marketplace by providing licenses for use and distribution. If you don’t plan to monetize music, you have the opportunity to publicly announce your work as part of Creative Commons. You can also alienate rights – transfer all rights to your work to another person. 

You can entrust us with your protection and spend more time on what you love doing:  creating music!