Work type: Music

Music copyright is one of the most important aspects for musicians. Your songs and recordings are your property. If you want to get the maximum protection for your copyright, and provide a way for people to contact you about using your work, you need to deposit your creation. In order for the work to be protected by copyright, it must be original and fixed in tangible form, such as a sound recording or text document.

In music there are two types of works that are usually protected by copyright: musical works and sound recordings. Musical work is what you would see on sheet music: the music and the lyrics. Sound recordings is a specific recording of a musical work on a digital media.

Music copyright covers  the right to perform the copyrighted work publicly,  to display the copyrighted work publicly, the right to make, sell and distribute copies of music and lyrics on sheet music, records, tapes, CDs and certain digital media, the right to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work. Moreover, it allows to stop others from using your music without your permission. For instance, if someone wants to record your song or use your actual recording, he/she must contact you (or the rightholder), get permission and negotiate the terms of use. You will have a lot more advantages if you’ve officially filed your copyright registration.

Music copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus seventy years after the author’s death.  

With UDIAR you get the proof of authorship, can sell or acquire work rights. Every UDIAR user has an opportunity to monetize protected works in the internal marketplace by providing licenses for use and distribution. You can provide free access to your works by Creative Commons license or sign commercial license and permit the licensee to use intellectual property in return for compensation. The rightholder sets terms and conditions for acquiring a license, including price and the period of validity. You can also alienate rights – transfer all rights to your work to another person. 

It is possible to acquire work rights. All works that can be purchased are presented in the market section of the site.