Work type: Architecture and interior design

Do you work in architecture and design? Then you should know that your works are protected by copyright. Copyright protection can be extend to general drawings and blueprints, preliminary plans, construction plans, photomontages of the building against backdrops, computer-generated images of a design, and constructed buildings.

Copyright is an important mechanism through which architects can protect their designs.  The moment the original work takes a tangible form whether on paper or the building itself, copyright exists. Registration is beneficial for several reasons: it can help avoid infringement of a work by putting people on notice of its copyright status; it is necessary before an infringement suit can be brought in court. Copyright owner has a right to make copies of the work, prepare derivatives of the work, revisions or modifications to architectural plans, publicly distribute copies of the work by sale or other transfer of ownership or by licensing, publicly display the copyrighted work.

Registering copyright is no doubt a worthwhile effort for architects and designers. You can start now with creating an account on the UDIAR page. Fill out the required information, upload your work and get an official certificate with legal confirmation of copyright, which is valid in all countries that signed the Berne Convention.​ In addition, you will get access to the marketplace.

If you still have not protected your copyright, now is the best time to start.