Work type: Architecture and interior design

With UDIAR you can protect any kind of intellectual property, including architectural and design works. Our service allows you to have safe, economic and effective copyright protection of architectural and design works. 

In order for the work to be protected by copyright, it must be original and fixed in tangible medium of expression, including architectural plans, blueprints, drawings and designs. Copyright owner has a right to make copies of the work, prepare derivatives of the work, revisions or modifications to architectural plans, publicly distribute copies of the work by sale or other transfer of ownership or by licensing, publicly display the copyrighted work.

If an architect uses a part of the architectural design of another architect in order to build his own building, without the permission, it would amount to infringement. The permission may be obtained by purchasing of copyright or by acquiring a license. Registering copyright is no doubt a worthwhile effort for architects and designers.

It secures your rights as the original author and puts others on notice that it is your work. Copyright protection of architectural and design works lasts for the life of the author plus seventy years after the author’s death.

With UDIAR you get the proof of authorship, can sell or acquire work rights. Every UDIAR user has an opportunity to monetize protected works in the internal marketplace by providing licenses for use and distribution. You can provide free access to your works by Creative Commons license or sign commercial license and permit the licensee to use intellectual property in return for compensation. The rightholder sets terms and conditions for acquiring a license, including price and the period of validity. You can also alienate rights – transfer all rights to your work to another person. 

It is possible to acquire work rights. All works that can be purchased are presented in the market section of the site.