How can I sign up?

It’s easy to create a UDIAR account. Follow these simple steps and join us today!

1. To start creating an account, go to the homepage and click “Create Account”. You will then be redirected to the registration form.

2. Choose your account type: this could be an ‘Individual’ account, or a ‘Company’ account. Only select ‘Company’ if you are a representative of a legally established company.

3. Fill in the form with your name, country of residence, e-mail and password.
Please note:
– Use only Latin letters (AZ) and Arabic numerals (0-9).
– All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

4. If you have filled out a mandatory field incorrectly or have skipped it altogether, the section will be highlighted in red. If this happens to you, please correct the information and click “Create Account” again.

5. Note: if you see the error: “Email address already in use”, it means that someone has already used this email address to register with us.
Go to the login page (click the ‘Login’ link) and use the ‘Reset your password’ link to reset your password and regain access to the account using your email address.

If you have problems accessing your account, please send a request to our support team.

6. Read and accept UDIAR’s terms of use. Then, click “Create Account” to confirm the information.

7. Almost done! Find an email from UDIAR in your inbox and confirm your registration by clicking on the confirmation link.
Can’t find a confirmation email? Click “Forward” and don’t forget to check your Spam or Promotions (Gmail only) folders.

If you still don’t see it, please contact our support team by email at: