Work type: Computer graphics and web design

When most people think of works that are protected by copyright, they think of poems, music, videos and other works of art. However, copyright protection can also extend to computer graphics and web design. Graphics such as illustrations, paintings, computer generated graphics, sketches, drawings and designs are all protected under copyright law. Any unlicensed display or dissemination of your graphic can be interpreted as copyright infringement.

Let’s see what copyright exactly means. A copyright is a group of rights: the right to make copies, the right to sell or distribute copies, the right to prepare derivative works based on the copyrighted work, and the right to publicly display the work. By protecting your rights, you not only receive official confirmation of authorship, but also expand the further opportunities for the use of your work. Registering copyright increases the value of the copyright and puts others on notice that you are the author. It allows to monetize works by providing licenses for use and distribution.

Where should you start?

If you want to get the maximum protection for your copyright, and provide a way for people to contact you about using your work, you need to deposit your creation. You can do it on the UDIAR website. Register in the system, fill in the data, upload file with your creation. Your work will be deposited and signed by timestamp and blockchain services, and you will get the official certificate. These simple steps will help you provide reliable protection and you won’t be afraid to publish or share your works.

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