Work type: Cinema and clips

If you still think that copyright protection is something unimportant and is not your concern, well, it is time to change your mind. In today’s digital world registering copyright for video clips becomes a necessity.

If you put your videos on the Internet, you may find them on other websites or in the media, someone else can claim authorship of your work. And the more followers you have on the Internet, the greater the chance of copyright infringement. Even if you do not want to publish or exhibit your creation now, you can change your mind later. What if someone makes it publicly available on the Internet or wants to buy it? It’s simply best not to risk it.

What you can do right now?

Use a service for protection and management of you copyright. You can get legal proof of your authorship and monetize your works. Just go to the UDIAR main page, create an account, fill out the required information and upload your work. It is the easiest way to ensure the protection of your copyright. Copyright covers the right to copy the video, to distribute copies of the video by sale, rent, lease, or other transfer of ownership, to prepare derivative works based upon the video or its contents, to perform the video publicly and to display the copyrighted work publicly. Video copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus seventy years after the author’s death.

You register your work once and it will be protected for many years. It’s definitely worth it!