Agency Agreement

This Agency Agreement (henceforth known as the “Agreement”) regulates relations between UDIAR LTD and its user base, in the case where the User deposits his or her Work, in accordance with the Terms and conditions, on thet UDIAR Marketplace.

Placement process

After publishing the Work in the UDIAR catalogue, the User will be able to place the Work on the UDIAR Marketplace.

If the Work is owned by more than one Rights-holder, the Master Rights-holder has the right to place the deposited Work on the UDIAR Marketplace in accordance with the Terms and conditions.

The UDIAR Marketplace provides the User with an opportunity to post the Work, which will be subject to the terms of:

  • A non-exclusive license
  • An exclusive license
  • An alienation agreement
  • Free use (Creative Commons licenses)

Any UDIAR Users can agree to the terms of placement of the Work and conclude an agreement on the conditions established by the rights-holder(s) of the Work, paying a remuneration if available.

Rights and obligations

UDIAR LTD undertakes to take action to place the Work on the site  Thereby, UDIAR LTD offers all other Users to settle a non-exclusive license, an exclusive license or an alienation agreement in respect to the Work.

For its Marketplace services, UDIAR LTD receives a fee of 15% of the remuneration for the transferred right on the Work by UDIAR’s Marketplace. The fee is automatically deducted from the User’s UDIAR wallet, which is completed in advance.

If the User places the Work for free use, UDIAR LTD does not receive remuneration.

Conclusion and termination of the Agreement

The Agreement is considered concluded from the moment the User registers on the site

The User can terminate the Agreement by deleting his UDIAR account.

Applicable Law and Competent Court

Relations between the User and UDIAR LTD are governed by the law of Cyprus, according to which these “Terms and conditions” will be interpreted and implemented. Unless otherwise provided for by law, for any dispute related to interpretation, execution or termination of this contract, the exclusive jurisdiction will be the Limassol District Court.